Consent Policy

Party with Consent

The Co-Reality Collective hosts events to bring people together from across the world for real online parties. We seek to create an environment where everyone can be open, express their true self and foster genuine connections, while having a great time. Our parties are real, and the feelings of our guests are real too – we therefore protect a culture of consent which benefits everybody.

 Social activity at our parties can include spoken conversations and written chat messages. The online format creates a certain degree of distance between participants which can sometimes blind us to social cues. Responsible participation includes being mindful of these factors and aware of our own boundaries and those of the people we interact with. Every individual has the right to experience our parties without receiving unwanted attention or having their boundaries crossed. This includes appearing in photos or videos. Photos, screenshots, and videos are only permitted after consent has been explicitly given by all visible participants. No consent? No recording.

 At our events, we respect and take care of one another! To that end, all participants agree to our consent policy when registering for each party. 

We are SO glad to have you partying with us! 

You may be asking…

What is consent?

Consent is an ongoing collaboration between two or more people in constant verbal, physical, and emotional dialogue about what each other needs to willingly, safely, and enjoyably engage in an interaction together.

How do I engage consensually?

Be mindful with your interactions. For example: someone sharing a space with you may or may not be interested in receiving a direct message. A polite message which gauges someone’s interest in having a conversation can kick off a great connection. Start from a place of respect and permission-seeking, give space for an answer, and gracefully move on if you do not receive an enthusiastic “yes.” Remember: This party is real, so ask yourself “Would I say this in person at a “normal” party?”

What do I do if I feel my boundaries of consent are being crossed?

If someone approaches you at a party by video or chat and is making you uncomfortable or harassing you, please reach out to a Host, Collective Member or a Reality Ranger (Indicated in our Zoom names). We are a dedicated team, keen to listen and support you. We will believe you and we will help you in accordance with your wishes. 

Any questions or needs outside the party? Email [email protected]

Thanks to the House of Yes and Bonobo Tribe for inspiration
Last Updated: 18 June 2020