Camp Co-Reality in the SparkleVerse

Sunday 30th Aug to Sunday 7th Sept 
events & adventures every day

Camp Co-Reality will be in the SparkleVerse at the online burn.

We have events and adventures scheduled for each day on the online burn.  Come and join us there!


Download the guide here.

Please note:  At this time,Co-Reality Events are designed for people 18 and up. Adults only. Thank you for understanding ???


– “Best online party I’ve ever been to by far. Much better than watching my mates drink booze in a random zoom party and chat.”

– During the pandemic I’m living solo but the morning after the party it looked as if I’d had twelve rowdy people over… Who’s going to pick this mess up?!? Thanks for a truly transformative experience! #THISISREAL”

– “I had a genuinely memorable evening, which I suspect I will fondly recall in years to come.”

– “I go to two Zoom events a weekend and this was by a wide margin the best I’ve been to all lockdown. You all are really a force unto yourselves, mad love and respect.”