The Time Warp Party

All proceeds support  our incredible contributing artists

Saturday 25th July 2020 
8pm – 4am:  UK TIME
Noon – 8pm: CA TIME

Help us test our glitchy time machine as we explore some of the most fun and interesting ages in history.

Save the date! On Saturday 25th July come explore the good times at Co-Reality Collective’s 8th online gathering.

At our secret underground party, deep beneath the Earth’s surface, we discovered an artifact holding an amazing secret…

Starting at 8pm GMT / 12pm PST, take a ride on our glitchy time machine and rock around the clock!

You’ll have 8+ hours to explore nostalgic magic / futurists / summers of love / the present / retro art / anti-matter toilets / top time-tested DJs … and feel all the ways time heals.

If you haven’t been to a Co-Reality gathering yet, it’s about TIME! Your future self will thank you and you’ll be glad you did!

** All proceeds support our incredible contributing artists *

Testimonials from previous CoReality parties:

– “Best online party I’ve ever been to by far. Much better than watching my mates drink booze in a random zoom party and chat.”

– “I had a genuinely memorable evening, which I suspect I will fondly recall in years to come.”

– “I go to two Zoom events a weekend and this was by a wide margin the best I’ve been to all lockdown. You all are really a force unto yourselves, mad love and respect.”