Tree of Life: From Roots to Rapture

All proceeds support those contributing artists-in-need and charity

Saturday 16th May 2020 
8pm – 4am:  UK TIME
Noon – 8pm: CA TIME

The Co-Reality Collective’s reputation for opening *very real* portals into another dimension of online human connectivity has been spreading rapidly. Elated cries of “This is REAL!” were heard echoing around craters on the Moon and throughout the deepest recesses of the human body.        … and now that we have your attention, we’re branching out!

Join us May 16 to climb – nay, embody!  The Tree of Life: From Roots to Rapture

Our fourth epic offering is a spectacular party spanning life itself from the soil below to the glittering cosmos above, leafing literally everything to the imagination!

You’ll have 8 hours to explore 12 unique spaces oozing with: 

  • Dank DJs & Magic Musicians (“Fun guys” and gals) 
  • Mesmerizing Circus Flow Arts & Crafts


  • A shared ritual traversing space, time, and love itself
  • Authentic relating through storytelling and facilitated sharing


  • Meditation into the nature of reality
  • A lofty canopy of connection, contemplation, and nuanced discussion of plant medicines for consciousness expansion


  • Spaces for going batty, getting buzzed, finding your roots, + more
  • Tree faeries, at least one insane rabbit & an apple we dare you to eat!


  • Moral conundrums and ethical dilemmas
  • Sunset/Sunrise show and tell – our events span the globe and we’ll celebrate the golden hours from our lofty treetop perspective!

Those wish to ascend the Tree of Life with us must first be prepared to go down the rabbit hole.  From there of course, everything becomes possible!

Remember at all times: This party is REAL.