Party Patrol

The CO-REALITY COLLECTIVE is looking for a few good multiverse-lings! Do you have what it takes to join THE PARTY PATROL?

Become an important experience-steward and a guardian of the sanctity of transcendent experience! In short: Help us #KEEPITREAL


  • Possess a drive to assist others while raging at an insane REAL party
  • Ideally be using a PC/Mac desktop version of Zoom
  • Commit to maintaining a state of mind throughout one’s shift that allows for reliable service (Breathalyzers and drug tests are NOT required – only your integrity will be tested lol)


  • Right to add PARTY PATROL to your Zoom name
  • Owning an integral role to the smooth functioning of the party and the bottomless gratitude of the room hosts whose offerings you will enhance
  • An inexhaustible fountain of existential bliss stemming from your gift of presence and service toward the greatest good *while supplies last
  • Free ticket to party and after-party


  • Unobtrusively help people stay in sync, flow, and REAL-ness of the party through subtle application of peaceful warrior energy when called for
  • Maintain the integrity of the party’s safety and consent culture
  • Relieve stress and pressure from room host(s) so they can deliver the best possible experience
  • As room co-host, assist with the back-end tech logistics of adjusting video settings, muting or spotlighting guests, managing break-out rooms if applicable, sharing useful and timely logistical messages in the chat, and helping troubleshoot tech-related guest questions to ensure the best experience for everyone
  • Gently, swiftly, and effectively address any disruptions in room flow using energetic jui jitsu to redirect disruptive/disrespective energy into acceptable behavior
  • Eject disruptive guests if they do not adjust their behavior after receiving a kind but firm warning
  • Act as a representative of the Co-Reality Collective and answer Collective-related questions so the room host can concentrate on their magic
  • Return lost kittens to their owners *while supplies last


  • Minimum shift length: Two hours – Party Patrollers will coordinate with room hosts regarding their specific anticipated needs
  • If one is unable to serve their scheduled shift, they should let us know and we will attempt to secure a replacement Patroller.

If you’re interested, please fill out the form below & we’ll be in touch.